About Us

Eswatini's leading law firm


“To be the leading law firm that provides effective and comprehensive legal service based on professionalism, integrity and honesty for Eswatini and the Region.”


“We aim to achieve this vision through specialized divisional structure. Up–skilling of professional team, improved service delivery and uncompromised client satisfaction.


Improve the Firm's management and governance system by continuous re-organization of the Firm's structure and establishment of specialized decision and teams, and continued capacity building of partners and teams, and continued capacity building of partners and professional staff so that the Firm's governance system remains client focused for improved service delivery to our clients using RB's available mix of staff and their competencies.


The under listed values constitute the philosophical approach through which the Partners and staff of RB in undertaking their respective duties, decision making and evaluation of performance: Integrity, honesty and trust, professionalism, innovation, teamwork, timely delivery of products and services, good corporate governance, client focus and satisfaction, performance, confidentiality, and commitment and dedication of partners and staff.


In addition, the provision of specific clauses in the Code of Conduct and Ethics and in staff employment contracts, using Results Agreement, we are in a position to assure our clients of RB's commitment to the highest standards of performance by members of staff on specific contracts entered into with our clients.


RB endeavours to inspire the trust and confidence of its clientele on every legal issue the firm embarks on.


RB assures clients that the highest levels of confidentiality are observed by our members of staff, through provision of specific clauses in the Code of Conduct and Ethics and in staff employment contracts as well as specific client contracts that are executed from time to time.


Through a Code of Ethics and Conduct, and its Human Resources Feedback methodology, as well as a Performance Management Strategy, RB is committed to have its staff committed to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. The Firm has also institutionalized Prevention and Detection of Fraud and Corruption as one of the key strategies to ensure that the business process and performance of staff is continuously monitored.


RB operates in a community and without the support of the community around it, it cannot succeed. The Firm is therefore committed to pay back to the poor and vulnerable in the community in many forms.


Image and reputation; all services provided under one roof; rich practical experiences of partners; good location of firm and office space; listed in the Chambers Book of leading law firms and under the Commonwealth Yearbook as being the leading commercial law firm in Eswatini.

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